Coffetek have more than 30 years of knowledge in the design and production of beverage systems.

They have built a reputation for equipment style and reliability, offering a comprehensive refreshment solution using their vast understanding and innovative ideas. Their range includes Table top hot drinks machines, Floor standing beverage machines and Floor standing snack/ can/ bottle machines.

What type of machine do you need?

Coffetek Vitro S2 Instant

The Coffetek Vitro S2 Instant has four canisters. The smoked glass door and touch screen displays a vast menu of drinks. The display and the cup positioning lighting system guides the user through a simple and pleasing experience with every drink. The Vitro technology ensures that every ...

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Coffetek Vitro S5

Coffetek Vitro S5 The Vitro S5 offers the authentic taste of the real espresso. The Vitro S5 differentiates from the rest of the machines due to its integrated cup holder, high capacity and secured tray. This machine is recommended in unattended locations. Offer your customers large sized ...

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Coffetek Vitro X4

Coffetek Vitro X4 The VITRO X SERIES machine will serve any coffee or chocolate drink from the menu in the blink of an eye. Engage with your customers & indulge your clientele with the coffee they desire 24/7. The Vitro X offers a broad range of drinks to match every consumers needs. ...

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Coffetek Vitro X3

Coffetek Vitro X3 The VITRO X SERIES machine will serve any coffee or chocolate drink from the menu in the blink of an eye. Engage with your customers & indulge your clientele with the coffee they desire 24/7. The Vitro X offers a broad range of drinks to match each and every consumer ...

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Coffetek Vitro M5

Coffetek Vitro M5 The Coffetek Vitro M5 bean to cup coffee machine with fresh milk is a robust machine that can deliver 250+ drinks a day if required. The Vitro M5 offers a full selection of espressos and fresh milk drinks, from velvety cappuccinos to latte macchiatos with a deliciously thick ...

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Coffetek Vitro X1

Coffetek Vitro X1 Bean to Cup The X1 model is a bean to cup machine suitable for up to 150 drinks per day.  There is 1 bean hopper and 2 soluble canisters for milk powder and chocolate. This model has the added benefit of distance selection. It's as simple as hovering your finger over your ...

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Coffetek Vitro S1

Coffetek Vitro S1 Bean to Cup & Instant This is the Vitro entry model and is suitable for up to 50 drinks per day. It comes as tanked or plumbed.  There is a bean to cup and an instant model.  This is perfect for offices with limited space or for use in meeting rooms as the tanked can be ...

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Coffetek Palma Snack

The Palma is an easy to use vending machine that offers full flexibility for programming product capacity and its distribution. Featuring 2 adjustable trays, 2 temperature options and 2 simultaneously rotating spindles for vending larger-sized product, the Palma has options to suit all customers. ...

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Coffetek Palma Snack,Can & Bottle

PALMA SNACK-COLD DRINK - The Palma provides the perfect window for a great range of snacks, it is easy to use by customers on the go. Featuring adjustable shelves, the Palma can host a range of products in different sizes and packages. The choice of products is limitless, as the layout can be ...

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Coffetek Mistral Snack,Can & Bottle

MISTRAL SNACK-COLD DRINK - A versatile vending machine that can be integrated into a modular system with drinks and coffee machines. Both snack and drinks can be displayed, making it a good choice for businesses looking for a machine for use in busy locations. Easy to maintain and programme, the ...

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Coffetek Neo Instant

Coffetek Neo Instant Coffee Machine The Coffetek Neo Instant Coffee machine brings high street quality drinks to any environment. This free standing vending machine has a stylish look and feel, there is  a wide range of drinks that can be personalised by controlling the amount of milk and ...

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Coffetek Step Single Fresh Brew

STEP SFB - With a modern look and a 12 inch in-touch user interface with large icons that can enhance the user experience, the Step is quick and easy to use. The drinks menu, ranges from sophisticated continental coffee blends to fresh leaf tea and indulgent hot chocolate. All beverages can be ...

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Coffetek Neo Single Fresh Brew

Coffetek Neo Single Fresh Brew The Coffetek Neo Single fresh brew delivers the coffee shop experience via its broad range of drinks. The Neo delivers authentic Italian style espresso coffees and a range of leaf tea drinks alongside a range of chocolate beverages. Features: Distance ...

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Java Single Fresh Brew

JAVA SFB - The Java provides a full coffee shop style offering anything from sophisticated continental coffee blends to fresh leaf tea. The Java can use its advanced technology to sense whether it dispenses a cup or not, whilst, a jug facility is also available to prepare beverages for large group ...

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Coffetek Step Bean 2 Cup + Leaf Tea

STEP B2C and LEAF TEA The Step uses the latest technology to make it one of the most cutting edge free standing vending machines on the market today. With a modern look of smoked glass with an angular design and in-touch user interface with large icons, the Step is quick and easy to use. ...

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Coffetek Neo Bean 2 Cup + Leaf Tea

NEO B2C and  LEAF TEA Bringing high street quality drinks to any environment, the Neo is the free standing vending machine with a stylish look and feel. The smoked glass front and instinctive touch screen interface means the Neo provides a positive user experience. The coffee shop ...

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Coffetek Excel Instant

The EXCEL - Can prepare up to two jugs of coffee and one with hot water simultaneously. This machine is well designed for high performance and is simple to configure up to 11 drink selections. The Excel can deliver a litre of coffee in just 15 seconds.

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Coffetek Excel Mini Instant

The EXCEL MINI -Part of the Excel range, the Excel mini has been designed to deliver fast, high volume services for pots. It can prepare up to one and a half litres of coffee in just 20 seconds and can simultaneously fill a coffee jug and hot water jug. This machine is designed for high ...

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Coffetek Neva 3 Instant

The NEVA 3 - Can produce up to 120 drinks per hour from 8 drinks selections.The simple programming function makes it quick to set up the drinks menu while the attractive design makes it easy to use on a day to day basis. Designed for the fast paced hotel and catering environments, the Neva 3 is ...

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Coffetek Zen Single Freshbrew Tea

The ZEN SFBT- is suitable for almost any location, the Zen is an attractive machine finished in black gloss. Its icon driven interface means its is easy to use and produces coffee shop quality drinks including refreshing fresh brewed tea. The customisable front panel means the Zen will fit in ...

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Coffetek Zen Bean To Cup & Fresh Brew Tea

The Coffetek Zen Bean to cup & Fresh Brew Tea is a compact coffee machine that delivers a full range of drinks. With an icon driven interface and simple touch selection system the Zen is easy and intuitive to use. With the added feature of customising and branding the front panel, the Zen is ...

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