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Westomatic H2O Hydration Station

The Westomatic H2O Hydration station provides chilled, still or sparkling water encouraging a healthy workforce to drink more water. The H2O hydration station provides a cost-effective, green alternative to traditional water coolers or bottle water dispensers & supplies an unlimited source ...

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Westomatic Eco Encore

The Westomatic Eco Encore is made from 100% recycled metal, it is environmentally friendly with A++ energy rating & on top of this it produces coffee shop quality hot drinks. You have a choice of six canisters and fresh tea made from Leaves letting you have a huge selection of drinks. ...

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Westomatic Snackpoint Trio Snack, Can & Bottle

The snackpoint trio holds snacks, cans and bottles & the technology ensures a constant temperature is maintained at all times. The Snackpoint has a super strength cabinet that makes it ideal for locations such as night clubs, leisure centres, hospitals, airports and schools.   In ...

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Westomatic Easy 6000

The Westomatic Easy 6000 snack vending drum machine is easy to configure and holds variety of products ranging from chilled meals to small snack confectionery. Innovative multi drum pricing means you can have a wider choice of products with up to 3 selling prices per drum. The easy 6000 has got a ...

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Westomatic Quinto Snack

The Quinto SnackPoint vending machine is an elegantly built machine with a dual illuminated window and blue LCD lighting. The internal cabinet temperature  can be pre-set ensuring  all products are chilled. The Quinto is also available in a Max version which houses snacks, cans and bottles.

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Westomatic Sigma Simplicity Instant

SIGMA SIMPLICITY INSTANT The stylish Simplicity delivers a range of delicious drinks using unique pulsing technology that guarantees a better blend of ingredients and coffee shop quality drinks. The Simplicity offers an excellent coffee house experience and with options to personalise the ...

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Westomatic Sigma Touch Single Fresh Brew

SIGMA TOUCH SFB - With a HD 19-inch touch screen, integrated speakers for high quality sound and dynamic eye-catching advertising. When the machine is not in use the Sigma Touch provides a user-friendly experience along with quality drinks.

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Westomatic Sigma Simplicity Single Fresh Brew

SIGMA SIMPLICITY SFB - With a delicious range of drinks the Simplicity uses a unique pulsing technology to guarantee a better blend of ingredients for a delicious drink every time. With options to personalise the branding as well as customising the drinks menu, this is as flexible as you need.

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Westomatic Sigma Touch Bean 2 Cup + Leaf Tea

SIGMA TOUCH B2C and LEAF TEA - Possesses a HD fully interactive 19-inch touch screen that guides users through its menus, whilst offering a fantastic range of drinks with customisable options from hazelnut syrup to extra sugar, this is a great addition to any modern environment. The Sigma Touch ...

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Westomatic Sigma Simplicity Bean 2 Cup + Leaf Tea

SIGMA SIMPLICITY B2C LEAF TEA - With a delicious range of drinks including punchy espresso, creamy cappuccino and freshly brewed leaf tea and coffee, the Simplicity uses a unique pulsing technology to guarantee a better blend of ingredients for a delicious drink every time. The Simplicity ...

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Westomatic Primo Instant

The new look Westomatic PRIMO INSTANT coffee machine - With a 7'' touch screen and two sizes available. Using the latest technology, the Primo can deliver up to 24 tasty hot drinks including coffee and chocolate to any boardroom, office, bar or showroom. The modern design will make this hot ...

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Westomatic Primo Bean To Cup

Primo Maxi Bean to cup coffee machine The Westomatic Primo Maxi is a bean to cup coffee machine with a simple button keypad. This coffee machine can produce up to 12 different drinks selections including  lattes, cappuccino’s and hot chocolates & has a capability of up to 150 drinks per ...

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