Bars & Pubs

High quality coffee facilities in a pub or bar can enhance the customer experience. A small table-top coffee machine is well-suited to these environments, and all of these models are sleek, modern and operate with maximum efficiency for the user.

Table Top Coffee Machines for Bars & Pubs

Bean to Cup & Instant With Freeze Dried Milk

These tabletop coffee machines offer beans or instant with granulated freeze dried milk.

The incorporation of freeze dried milk ensures that the machines are able to work as quickly as possible to produce a beverage, whilst never conceding on taste.

They are easy to maintain and provide an assortment of coffees and most have an option of Hot Chocolate.

Bravilor Bolero Instant Coffee

Bravilor Bolero Instant Coffee machine. If you require speed and efficiency the Bravilor Bolero Instant coffee machine is the perfect solution for serving ...

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Rhea Business Line Grande SM Instant

Rhea Business Line Grande SM Instant. The Grande SM instant model offers you 5 canisters for ingredients & a touch panel for drink selection. This ...

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Rhea Business Line eC SM Instant

Rhea Business Line eC SM Instant coffee machine. The eC SM model offers you 4 canisters for ingredients & a touch panel for drink selection. This ...

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Coffetek Vitro S2 Instant

The Coffetek Vitro S2 Instant has four canisters. The smoked glass door and touch screen displays a vast menu of drinks. The display and the cup positioning ...

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Coffetek Vitro X4

Coffetek Vitro X4 The VITRO X SERIES machine will serve any coffee or chocolate drink from the menu in the blink of an eye. Engage with your customers ...

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Coffetek Vitro X3

Coffetek Vitro X3 The VITRO X SERIES machine will serve any coffee or chocolate drink from the menu in the blink of an eye. Engage with your customers ...

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Coffetek Vitro X1

Coffetek Vitro X1 Bean to Cup The X1 model is a bean to cup machine suitable for up to 150 drinks per day.  There is 1 bean hopper and 2 soluble canisters ...

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Coffetek Vitro S1

Coffetek Vitro S1 Bean to Cup & Instant This is the Vitro entry model and is suitable for up to 50 drinks per day. It comes as tanked or plumbed.  ...

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Spengler 5012

Spengler 5012 Bean to Cup with freeze dried milk powder The Spengler 5012 is an elegant, cutting-edge design coffee machine using smoked black glass and ...

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Crane Linea

The Crane Linea is available in two models which are bean to cup with granulated milk powder and  instant coffee with granulated milk powder. Both models ...

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Rhea Business Line eC

Rhea Business Line eC The rhea business line eC bean to cup coffee machine is elegant and smart and comes in a choice of either black or white. This ...

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laRhea Variplus Range

 laRhea Variplus range The laRhea range of machines include four models that each have a daily output of up to 300 drinks per day. The Variplus eC has a ...

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Matrix Sovereign Instant

Matrix Sovereign Instant Coffee Machine The Matrix SOVEREIGN instant coffee machine has a choice of up to 8 drinks as well as hot water and there is a strong ...

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Matrix Magnum Mini Instant

MAGNUM MINI - With a built in menu offering standard and large drinks, the Magnum Mini has a high speed delivery and whipping system that can offer up to 8 ...

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Bravilor Bonamat Bolero XL Instant

BOLERO XL The Bolero XL range offers up to 10 drink selections in a quick and easy to use compact drinks machine. The Bolero XL offers a range of hot ...

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Westomatic Primo Instant

The new look Westomatic PRIMO INSTANT coffee machine - With a 7'' touch screen and two sizes available. Using the latest technology, the Primo can deliver ...

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Coffetek Excel Instant

The EXCEL - Can prepare up to two jugs of coffee and one with hot water simultaneously. This machine is well designed for high performance and is simple to ...

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Coffetek Excel Mini Instant

The EXCEL MINI -Part of the Excel range, the Excel mini has been designed to deliver fast, high volume services for pots. It can prepare up to one and a ...

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Coffetek Neva 3 Instant

The NEVA 3 - Can produce up to 120 drinks per hour from 8 drinks selections.The simple programming function makes it quick to set up the drinks menu while the ...

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Coffetek Zen Single Freshbrew Tea

The ZEN SFBT- is suitable for almost any location, the Zen is an attractive machine finished in black gloss. Its icon driven interface means its is easy to use ...

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N&W Solista

Solista bean to cup with granulated skimmed milk. The Solista bean to cup is perfect for any office or small location with the need to produce a range of top ...

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N&W Krea Prime

Krea Prime Bean to Cup with granulated skimmed milk The Krea Prime coffee machine has an engaging design with decorative lights, chrome frames and shiny black ...

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N&W Korinto

Korinto Prime Bean to Cup with chocolate & freeze dried skimmed milk The Korinto is a high capacity, high production coffee machine aimed at the hotel, ...

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N&W Koro Bean To Cup

Koro Bean to Cup with granulated skimmed milk Despite its size the Koro produces the perfect full bodied espresso and a tasty range of drinks in a small table ...

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Bravilor Bonomat Esprecious Bean To Cup

Bravilor Esprecious 12 The Esprecious 12 uses fresh coffee beans to deliver barista quality drinks & the stylish look means it compliments any location. ...

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Westomatic Primo Bean To Cup

Primo Maxi Bean to cup coffee machine The Westomatic Primo Maxi is a bean to cup coffee machine with a simple button keypad. This coffee machine can produce ...

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Coffetek Zen Bean To Cup & Fresh Brew Tea

The Coffetek Zen Bean to cup & Fresh Brew Tea is a compact coffee machine that delivers a full range of drinks. With an icon driven interface and simple ...

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Bean to Cup Coffee Machine with Fresh Milk

**Buy any Bean to Cup Coffee Machine and receive Coffee Beans FREE  Call now for further details.**

Bean to cup coffee machines grind freshly roasted beans at the push of a button; ensuring exceptional coffee with maximum flavour is produced with minimal effort. The use of a fresh milk system accentuates the taste of the coffee whilst remaining user-friendly. The beverage is given a  genuine coffee shop taste without the need of a barista, and is automatically heated and frothed within the machine. The milk is stored in a separate fridge alongside the machine.

Bravilor Sprso bean to cup machine

Sprso bean to cup with fresh milk The Bravilor Sprso bean to cup fresh milk coffee machine is small with a unique design creating a powerful and stylish ...

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Coffetek Vitro M5

Coffetek Vitro M5 The Coffetek Vitro M5 bean to cup coffee machine with fresh milk is a robust machine that can deliver 250+ drinks a day if required. The ...

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Saeco Royal OTC

The Saeco Royal OTC has a high teck look and guarantees high performance, dispensing coffee and hot water plus everything required to manage fresh milk ...

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WMF 1300S

WMF 1300S Bean to cup with fresh milk The 1300S is the latest coffee machine model from WMF. It is created from tried and tested technology to provide ...

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Jura JX10

The Jura JX10 bean to cup uses fresh milk and is easy to use and has modern graphics. This machine is suitable for up to 100 cups per day & specialty ...

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Franke A1000 Clean Master Foam Master

The A1000 Clean Master Foam Master provides you with your very own moment of indulgence. It's easy to operate, delivering premium coffee every time. ...

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WMF 9000 S+

The WMF 9000 S+ is a quick fully automated coffee machine with a recommended output of up to 350 cups per hour. It can make a wide variety of coffee ...

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WMF 5000S

The WMF 5000S bean to cup coffee machine with fresh milk provides the fullest range of indulgence and finest quality at maximum speed. With its compact design ...

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WMF 1100S

The WMF 1100S entry model machine might be compact but it is extremely reliable and produces a consistently high-quality drink. The standard model offers: ...

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Jura JX8

The Jura JX8 is recommended for up to 80 drinks per day. The Jura JX8 is amazingly adaptable: it can prepare a variety of speciality coffees finished with ...

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Jura WE 8 Bean to Cup with Fresh Milk

The Jura WE8  is a great entry level commercial bean to cup coffee machine offering a choice of 12 programmable speciality coffees. With the added option of ...

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Jura WE 6

Black coffee straight from the bean. The We6 is suitable for offices, meeting rooms or receptions where the coffee requirement is approximately 30 drinks a ...

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WMF Espresso

The WMF Espresso combines the unique taste of a traditional machine with the benefits of automation, it ensures consistently high quality coffee and is ...

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Jura Giga X3

Giga X3 Bean to cup with fresh milk tanked or mains water This is a resourceful bean to cup fresh milk coffee machine with a recommended maximum daily output ...

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WMF 1500S Bean To Cup With Fresh Milk

The WMF 1500S Bean To Cup With Fresh Milk is an innovative machine that has the customer in mind, with the EASY MILK system, drinks can be customised with hot ...

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Fracino Cybercino Bean To Cup With Fresh Milk

The CYBERCINO Bean To Cup with Fresh Milk  - easy to use with a selection of programmable settings for the impeccable espresso every time. It accurately ...

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Jura Giga X8 Bean to Cup With Fresh Milk

The Jura GIGA X8 bean to cup is a high performance bean to cup machine with a high speed function. Recommended daily out-put up to 200 drinks a day. This ...

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Sachet, Capsule & Chocolate

Caffeica can supply a range of specialised, luxury hot chocolate machines, all of which exclusively produce indulgent chocolate beverages. These machines are perfect for serving a great tasting hot chocolate quickly and efficiently. All models are extremely simple to operate and can ensure the maximum enjoyment of chocolate in any place, at any time.

Flavia Creation 500

The Flavia Creation 500 sachet machine has many features including multi language options. This is suitable for quiet meeting rooms or large busy offices. With ...

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Matrix Monarch Instant Chocolate

Matrix Monarch Instant Chocolate Machine - The Mini Monarch is design for spaces where space is a premium but the demand for quality drinks is still high. ...

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Bravilor Bonamat Solo Chocolate

SOLO The Solo is the perfect instant machine for producing great hot chocolate every time. With 1 canister for ingredients, either chocolate or coffee, the ...

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What our clients say

The Gabriels at the Lamb Inn said:
‘’It’s great having proper coffee; it’s added a whole dimension to our inn. As well as expanding the choice at our bar, it has given us the option of having new events such as Coffee Mornings.”

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