Coffee & Drinks Machines for Businesses

Good coffee is important in any workplace. Caffeica can provide your business with a high quality coffee machine of any size or design. Alongside machines we can provide you with premium ingredients including a selection of freshly roasted coffee beans. Your hot drinks machine will give your staff quick & easy access to beverages throughout the day. 

Vending Machines for Coffee & Drinks Machines for Businesses

Choosing the right machine

Coffee is a popular drink that can be consumed anywhere and at any time. Good quality coffee is important, but so is speed of delivery, a choice of drinks and ease of use. Different coffee machines suit different places, which is why Caffeica has a vast range of machines with different specifications, sizes and designs. There is a machine suited to every possible environment.
Business, Catering or Public places are equally important to us and our range of machines reflect this.
Table -top, Floor standing, hot drink cold drink, snack or food we have a machine for you.

Necta Maestro Touch hot drinks machine

Necta Maestro Touch The necta maestro touch floor standing hot drinks machine focuses on cutting-edge performances and on the ability for consumers to ...

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Westomatic Eco Encore

The Westomatic Eco Encore is made from 100% recycled metal, it is environmentally friendly with A++ energy rating & on top of this it produces coffee shop ...

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Vending Machines

Floor standing machines are ideal for busy locations that require a higher volume of beverages, snacks and food. Depending on your organisation’s requirements, these machines can produce a high volume of drinks per day . Our snack-can-bottle range ensure that all users can opt for a cold drink option, and also gives the choice of holding small snack consumables.

N&W Orchestra Snack, Can, Bottle

Orchestra Snack, Can, Bottle machine The Orchestra is an eight spiral snack can bottle dispenser with incredible performance and an elegant design. Choose ...

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N&W Tango Snack,Can & Bottle

Tango Snack, Can, Bottle machine The Tango snack can bottle machine has a simple but elegant design and delivers great value for money. It is suitable for ...

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N&W Melodia Snack,Can & Bottle

Melodia Classic Snack, Can, Bottle Machine This Melodia Classic snack can bottle machine is particularly suited to small spaces as it has a slim design, but ...

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Westomatic Snackpoint Trio Snack, Can & Bottle

The snackpoint trio holds snacks, cans and bottles & the technology ensures a constant temperature is maintained at all times. The Snackpoint has a ...

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Crane Bevmax Bottle

The Bevmax is a reliable cold drinks vending machine for use in a number of locations. It has a technologically advanced platform that showcases a large ...

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Crane Merchant Media Snack,Can & Bottle

Designed with the customer in mind, the Merchant offers a large product variety and a new intuitive interface. Featuring a new 3.5” colour LCD display ...

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Westomatic Quinto Snack

The Quinto SnackPoint vending machine is an elegantly built machine with a dual illuminated window and blue LCD lighting. The internal cabinet temperature  ...

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Coffetek Palma Snack

The Palma is an easy to use vending machine that offers full flexibility for programming product capacity and its distribution. Featuring 2 adjustable trays, ...

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Coffetek Palma Snack,Can & Bottle

PALMA SNACK-COLD DRINK - The Palma provides the perfect window for a great range of snacks, it is easy to use by customers on the go. Featuring adjustable ...

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Coffetek Mistral Snack,Can & Bottle

MISTRAL SNACK-COLD DRINK - A versatile vending machine that can be integrated into a modular system with drinks and coffee machines. Both snack and drinks can ...

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Vending Hot Drink Machines

These floor standing machines are modern, sophisticated, easy to operate and are ideal for busy locations that require a higher volume of beverages, with an assortment of drinks menus. You have an option to charge for drinks by adding a cashless payment system or a change giver.
Most of the machines have an in-built cup sensor enabling you to use your own cups. We can offer you the opportunity of joining our cup recycling scheme or purchasing a reusable thermal cup made from recycled paper & plastic cups.

N&W Canto Hot drinks machine

N&W Canto Hot Drinks Vending The Canto Hot drinks machine has individual style and provides high quality drinks. This machine comes with a choice of ...

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Coffetek Neo Instant

Coffetek Neo Instant Coffee Machine The Coffetek Neo Instant Coffee machine brings high street quality drinks to any environment. This free standing ...

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Westomatic Sigma Simplicity Instant

SIGMA SIMPLICITY INSTANT The stylish Simplicity delivers a range of delicious drinks using unique pulsing technology that guarantees a better blend of ...

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N&W Opera Single Fresh Brew

N&W Opera Single Freshbrew Tea The Opera Single Freshbrew drinks machine offers a wide choice of drinks as well as fresh brew tea due to the number of ...

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Westomatic Sigma Touch Single Fresh Brew

SIGMA TOUCH SFB - With a HD 19-inch touch screen, integrated speakers for high quality sound and dynamic eye-catching advertising. When the machine is not in ...

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Westomatic Sigma Simplicity Single Fresh Brew

SIGMA SIMPLICITY SFB - With a delicious range of drinks the Simplicity uses a unique pulsing technology to guarantee a better blend of ingredients for a ...

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Coffetek Step Single Fresh Brew

STEP SFB - With a modern look and a 12 inch in-touch user interface with large icons that can enhance the user experience, the Step is quick and easy to use. ...

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Coffetek Neo Single Fresh Brew

Coffetek Neo Single Fresh Brew The Coffetek Neo Single fresh brew delivers the coffee shop experience via its broad range of drinks. The Neo delivers ...

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Java Single Fresh Brew

JAVA SFB - The Java provides a full coffee shop style offering anything from sophisticated continental coffee blends to fresh leaf tea. The Java can use its ...

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Westomatic Sigma Touch Bean 2 Cup + Leaf Tea

SIGMA TOUCH B2C and LEAF TEA - Possesses a HD fully interactive 19-inch touch screen that guides users through its menus, whilst offering a fantastic range of ...

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Westomatic Sigma Simplicity Bean 2 Cup + Leaf Tea

SIGMA SIMPLICITY B2C LEAF TEA - With a delicious range of drinks including punchy espresso, creamy cappuccino and freshly brewed leaf tea and coffee, the ...

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Coffetek Step Bean 2 Cup + Leaf Tea

STEP B2C and LEAF TEA The Step uses the latest technology to make it one of the most cutting edge free standing vending machines on the market today. ...

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Coffetek Neo Bean 2 Cup + Leaf Tea

NEO B2C and  LEAF TEA Bringing high street quality drinks to any environment, the Neo is the free standing vending machine with a stylish look and feel. ...

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Vending Fresh Food Machines

Fresh food vending machines work as a great accompaniment to hot beverage machines, or as a separate proposal. The user is able to select from a wide range of fresh food items, small meals, and confectionery products. It can be important to offer staff, customers, and visitors easy access to these items at a reasonable price. Caffeica can supply a range of stylish fresh food machines that are easy to operate and suitable for different spaces. All machines can be configured to hold a variety of items. Caffeica are able to provide a fully managed service: our operators will regularly restock and clean these vending machines for you. Moreover, an easy to use payment system is an integral part of every model.

N&W Festival Food Carousel

Festival Food Carousel The Festival food carousel machine is not just a vending machine but an automatic canteen offering smart solutions for all places ...

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Crane Shopper Food Carousel

The Shopper is an energy efficient vending machine that can offer a range of products. Crane's Shopper food merchandiser has been designed to meet varying ...

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Westomatic Easy 6000

The Westomatic Easy 6000 snack vending drum machine is easy to configure and holds variety of products ranging from chilled meals to small snack confectionery. ...

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What our clients say

Spengler Coffee Machine
‘Our employees love the different options our Coffee Machine gives them and we love the fact that the machines are simple and easy to use. We would recommend both our machine and Caffeica as a company to anyone’

We recently had a new Spengler coffee machine and are very pleased that we changed from our old machine. This is versatile, easy to use with its touch screen controls and pictograms. We can customise the strength of the coffee and milk content. The canisters are larger, reducing the need to refill the machine as often. Caffeica have provided an excellent service we have found them both efficient and friendly to do business with.

‘It has been a real benefit having our machine (Cino XX) from Caffeica – staff appreciate the choice of drinks. The one machine copes with our number of staff (approx. 50) but when we increase in number, we will have no hesitation in getting an additional machine.The supply of ingredients is always swift and staff are always helpful.We would be happy to recommend Caffeica’.
Liz Cook, Office Manager, RWES

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