Choosing the right machine

Coffee is a popular drink that can be consumed anywhere and at any time. Good quality coffee is important, but so is speed of delivery, a choice of drinks and ease of use. Different coffee machines suit different places, which is why Caffeica has a vast range of machines with different specifications, sizes and designs. There is a machine suited to every possible environment.
Business, Catering or Public places are equally important to us and our range of machines reflect this.
Table -top, Floor standing, hot drink cold drink, snack or food we have a machine for you.

Coffee Machines for Businesses

Good coffee is important in any workplace. Caffeica can provide your business with a high quality coffee machine of any size or design.

Coffee Machines for Catering

Caffeica understands that the catering industry is customer-driven, so all of our machines will ensure that your customers continue to ...

Coffee Machines for Public Areas

Caffeica can provide public places, such as hospitals, universities, and gyms, with excellent vending facilities for their customers and ...

Bravilor Sprso bean to cup machine

Sprso bean to cup with fresh milk The Bravilor Sprso bean to cup fresh milk coffee machine is small with a unique design creating a powerful and stylish machine. Combined with the milk cooler enabling you to create delicious cappuccinos and lattes topped off with freshly frothed milk. The ...

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Coffetek Vitro S5

Coffetek Vitro S5 The Vitro S5 offers the authentic taste of the real espresso. The Vitro S5 differentiates from the rest of the machines due to its integrated cup holder, high capacity and secured tray. This machine is recommended in unattended locations. Offer your customers large sized ...

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Coffetek Vitro X4

Coffetek Vitro X4 The VITRO X SERIES machine will serve any coffee or chocolate drink from the menu in the blink of an eye. Engage with your customers & indulge your clientele with the coffee they desire 24/7. The Vitro X offers a broad range of drinks to match every consumers needs. ...

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Coffetek Vitro X3

Coffetek Vitro X3 The VITRO X SERIES machine will serve any coffee or chocolate drink from the menu in the blink of an eye. Engage with your customers & indulge your clientele with the coffee they desire 24/7. The Vitro X offers a broad range of drinks to match each and every consumer ...

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Coffetek Vitro M5

Coffetek Vitro M5 The Coffetek Vitro M5 bean to cup coffee machine with fresh milk is a robust machine that can deliver 250+ drinks a day if required. The Vitro M5 offers a full selection of espressos and fresh milk drinks, from velvety cappuccinos to latte macchiatos with a deliciously thick ...

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Coffetek Vitro X1

Coffetek Vitro X1 Bean to Cup The X1 model is a bean to cup machine suitable for up to 150 drinks per day.  There is 1 bean hopper and 2 soluble canisters for milk powder and chocolate. This model has the added benefit of distance selection. It's as simple as hovering your finger over your ...

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Coffetek Vitro S1

Coffetek Vitro S1 Bean to Cup & Instant This is the Vitro entry model and is suitable for up to 50 drinks per day. It comes as tanked or plumbed.  There is a bean to cup and an instant model.  This is perfect for offices with limited space or for use in meeting rooms as the tanked can be ...

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Spengler 5012

Spengler 5012 Bean to Cup with freeze dried milk powder The Spengler 5012 is an elegant, cutting-edge design coffee machine using smoked black glass and brushed aluminium, offering a huge variation of delicious coffees and hot chocolates. The Spengler 5012 has a user interface that is simple ...

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Crane Linea

The Crane Linea is available in two models which are bean to cup with granulated milk powder and  instant coffee with granulated milk powder. Both models feature an elegant design & customisable graphics with an enticing full motion video touch screen. The intuitive menu guides you easily ...

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Saeco Royal OTC

The Saeco Royal OTC has a high teck look and guarantees high performance, dispensing coffee and hot water plus everything required to manage fresh milk automatically. 2.5L Water Tank 600g Bean container Dimensions: H – 398 mm W – 280 mm D – 260 mm

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Necta Kalea Espresso Fresh Milk

The Necta Kalea Espresso Fresh Milk is a stylish coffee machine, with co-ordinated accessories available. There is a HD Touch screen offering a delicious range of quality hot drinks. The Kalea really is authentic Italian coffee at the touch of a button. The recommended daily output is 150 ...

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Westomatic Eco Encore

The Westomatic Eco Encore is made from 100% recycled metal, it is environmentally friendly with A++ energy rating & on top of this it produces coffee shop quality hot drinks. You have a choice of six canisters and fresh tea made from Leaves letting you have a huge selection of drinks. ...

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N&W Koro Bean To Cup

Koro Bean to Cup with granulated skimmed milk Despite its size the Koro produces the perfect full bodied espresso and a tasty range of drinks in a small table top vending package.  The sleek design offset with subtle LED lights make it an understated choice for any office or workplace. The ...

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What our clients say

Spengler Coffee Machine
‘Our employees love the different options our Coffee Machine gives them and we love the fact that the machines are simple and easy to use. We would recommend both our machine and Caffeica as a company to anyone’

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