Bean to Cup & Instant With Freeze Dried Milk

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The incorporation of freeze dried milk ensures that the machines are able to work as quickly as possible to produce a beverage, whilst never conceding on taste.

Spengler PSL50 & CL22 Range

Spengler proudly presents the new range of elegant and cutting-edge design coffee machines using smoked black glass and brushed aluminium offering a huge variation of delicious coffees and Hot Chocolates. Surprising staff and customers with a unique Coffee bar taste and quality hot drink. ...

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Westomatic Prelude Instant

The Prelude brings the quality of the high street coffee shop into the workplace in a compact and stylish vending machine. Perfect for any modern small office, front of house or self service sites, the Prelude serves impeccable  coffee and other hot drinks with no mess or fuss. The serving ...

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La Rhea Cino Doppio & cup

The Rhea Cino Doppio & Cup is a fully automatic table-top machine equipped with an intuitive touch panel, with graphic icons indicating each kind of drink. The dispensing area is equipped with a transparent bulkhead. There is a built in cup drop which can accomodate plastic or paper cups. ...

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Rheavendors Variplus Grande

The LaRhea Cino Variplus Grande table top machine is equipped with an intuitive touch panel indicating type of drink. It offers up to 12 selections with 2 to 4 pre-selections. This coffee machine is available in brown, black or white. The Cino Variplus Grande comes in two models the Grande or the ...

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Rheavendors Variplus Cino

The Cino Variplus machine is a new professional machine, smart and eye-catching with high attention to details and up to 90% energy saving. It is slim, compact, 3 canisters for products plus water for tea. From different size cups to storage drawers, from extra water tanks to dispensers of fresh ...

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De Jong Duke Virtu Instant

VIRTU INSTANT The Virtu machine offers a modern look with a large display and easy to use functionality. The user experience is at the heart of the Virtu and businesses can choose to enhance the modern look of the machine on the basis of pictures. The Virtu supplies its user with a reliable ...

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N&W 7100 Plus Instant

7100 INSTANT - The 7100 Plus features an intuitive touch on icon design making it truly user friendly while consistently making a quality range of drinks. Enhanced by an LED backlit keypad, the stylish design also features a graphical screen, available with the choice of two backlit posters. ...

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N&W Easy Instant

EASY INSTANT Easy by name and easy by nature, offering a range of 6 drinks options from Americano to creamichoc, the combination of drinks is achieved by combining SGL espresso capsule technology and 2 instant canisters for milk and chocolate.

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N&W Krono Instant

*Only £5.95 per week over 48 months & includes a starter pack equivalent to 500 drinks* With high productivity, the Krono will reliably produce drinks quickly and efficiently, a cappuccino for example is ready in just 13 seconds. Available as tanked or plumbed. With an attractive design ...

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Crane Genesis Instant

GENESIS INSTANT The Genesis is a table top machine with a large capacity to deliver a range of hot beverages in an instant. Using the latest energy saving software, the Genesis can reduce power consumption while remaining ‘vend ready’ and producing quality drinks quickly and efficiently ...

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Crane Vision Instant

VISION INSTANT With an unlimited selection of drinks, the Vision can even deliver drinks containing sugar straight from the dispenser. The flexibility of the menu on the Vision guarantees a wide choice of hot drinks. The optimized drink presentation is achieved through a controlled whipping ...

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Matrix Sovereign Instant

SOVEREIGN - With a choice of up to 8 drinks as well as hot water, strong and go large options, the intuitive control panel, increased capacity and enhanced features mean it is the perfect choice for outlets which needs to meet the demands of its customers in a busy environment.

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Matrix Magnum Mini Instant

MAGNUM MINI - With a built in menu offering standard and large drinks, the Magnum Mini has a high speed delivery and whipping system that can offer up to 8 premium drinks. Offering strong and large options, the Magnum Mini can offer a range of personalised drinks which makes it perfect for any ...

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Bravilor Bonamat Bolero XL Instant

BOLERO XL The Bolero XL range offers up to 10 drink selections in a quick and easy to use compact drinks machine. The Bolero XL offers a range of hot drinks at a simple touch of a button from the easy to use LED lit menu. Featuring a unique mixing system which ensures the mixing unit has ...

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Westomatic Signature Instant

SIGNATURE - The Signature is big on style and delivers great tasting drinks however small the location. The Signature table top machine is perfect for any modern office or business short of space which want s to offer coffee shop quality drinks. The instant model can quickly deliver a range of ...

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Westomatic Primo Instant

PRIMO INSTANT- With interchangeable LED mood lighting, the Primo will fit into any location to deliver a quality range of drinks. Using the latest technology, the Primo can deliver up to 12 tasty hot drinks including coffee and chocolate to any boardroom, office, bar or showroom. The modern ...

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Coffetek Excel Instant

The EXCEL - Can prepare up to two jugs of coffee and one with hot water simultaneously. This machine is well designed for high performance and is simple to configure up to 11 drink selections. The Excel can deliver a litre of coffee in just 15 seconds.

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Coffetek Excel Mini Instant

The EXCEL MINI -Part of the Excel range, the Excel mini has been designed to deliver fast, high volume services for pots. It can prepare up to one and a half litres of coffee in just 20 seconds and can simultaneously fill a coffee jug and hot water jug. This machine is designed for high ...

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Coffetek Neva 3 Instant

The NEVA 3 - Can produce up to 120 drinks per hour from 8 drinks selections.The simple programming function makes it quick to set up the drinks menu while the attractive design makes it easy to use on a day to day basis. Designed for the fast paced hotel and catering environments, the Neva 3 is ...

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Crem Elite 4 Instant

ELITE 4 - A high capacity, compact instant machine, the Elite IV is the ideal match for the fast food and hospitality industry. Drinks are produced within a few seconds at the touch of a button and the features of the Elite IV make it ideal for busy environments. With automatic water filling, ...

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Coffetek Vitale Instant

The VITALE INSTANT - The Vitale S is a small, versatile, fully automatic vending machine ideal for coffee services in small offices. With up to 7 product selections; Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha, Hot Chocolate and Hot Water, the instant Vitale also offers a decaffeinated ...

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Crem Cafelino Trio Instant

The CAFELINO TRIO is the compact machine that delivers delicious hot drinks in an instant. With the ability to make great tasting coffee in just 10 seconds, the Cafelino Trio is the perfect solution for businesses that want instant hot drinks at the touch of a button.  With two ingredients ...

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Crem Cafelino Duo Instant

CAFELINO DUO - The Cafelino Duo is the compact machine that delivers delicious hot drinks in an instant. With the ability to make great tasting coffee in just 10 seconds, the Cafelino Duo is the perfect solution for businesses that want instant hot drinks at the touch of a button.  With two ...

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Rheavendors Grande SM Instant

CINO GRANDE SM- Reliable and offering great quality drinks in 2 sizes. With 4 canisters enabling you to have instant coffee and decaff instant as well as hot chocolate. It is very reliable and offers great drinks quality available in 2 sizes. Grande boasts smart LED lighting and selections ...

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Rheavendors Cino Instant

CINO - Table top instant coffee machine it is a superb choice for an office, reception, pub or a café. It is simple to operate with button selection for 10 beverage options, easy to maintain, can be with or without direct plumbing, has an optional base cabinet. It is also available with a coin ...

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Crane Genesis Bean 2 Cup

The Genesis a table top machine with a large capacity to provide bean to cup coffee and fresh brew tea. Offering a full range of drinks, the Genesis is the perfect solution for offices, restaurants and conference facilities. Using the latest energy saving software, the Genesis can reduce power ...

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Crane Genesis Single Fresh Brew Tea

GENESIS SFBT- a table top machine with a large capacity to provide bean and fresh brew tea as part of its build a drink keypad.Using the latest energy saving software, the Genesis can reduce power consumption and provide quality drinks quickly.

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N&W 7100 FB Plus

7100 FB - Is available in both coffee or tea versions and features an intuitive touch on icon design making it truly user friendly. The 7100 has been engineered to boost energy efficiency by 20-39%.

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Westomatic Signature Single Fresh Brew Tea

SIGNATURE SFBT - Featuring a touch sensitive interface, this high volume tabletop vending machine delivers exceptional quality hot beverages. Most definitely it is suitable in busy counter-top catering locations. With its large ingredient canisters and cup capacity, the Signature can handle more ...

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Coffetek Vitro S

The Vitro S range offers a quality, high standard coffee shop style drink menu. The series is identified mainly for its rapid service delivery and abundant coffee brewing technologies. The S3 Series includes Instant, Freshbrew Tea & Bean to Cup. The S4 Series has larger capacity ...

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Coffetek Zen Single Freshbrew Tea

The ZEN SFBT- is suitable for almost any location, the Zen is an attractive machine finished in black gloss. Its icon driven interface means its is easy to use and produces coffee shop quality drinks including refreshing fresh brewed tea. The customisable front panel means the Zen will fit in ...

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N&W Solista

The Solista Espresso is the perfect fit for any office or small location with the need to produce a range of top quality drinks. The latest addition to the table top range, the Solista has a sleek design and leading edge technological performance. Producing perfectly brewed, freshly ground ...

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N&W Krea

The Krea features  the latest technology meaning top quality drinks produced quickly every time making it perfect for hotel and self service locations. Finished with a modern and elegant design, the Krea has a push button functionality with an LED lit selection area making it easy and quick for ...

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N&W Kobalto

The Kobalto is a flexible hot drinks machine that can cope well with heavy usage with a simple, intuitive interface. With a wide range of hot drinks, including authentic Italian espresso, the Kobalto is perfect behind a bar for staff to use or in an accessible location as a self service model. ...

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N&W Korinto

The Korinto is a high capacity, high production coffee machine aimed at the hotel, restaurant and café market. Providing a multi-drink dispenser solution, the Korinto is the result of advanced technology development and offers a professional level of performance, optimising high quality drinks ...

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N&W Koro Bean To Cup

The Koro produces the perfect full bodied espresso and tasty range of drinks in a small table top vending package. Despite its size, the Koro delivers a fantastic range of drinks made from the perfect the compact grinder and doser and larger bean hopper to increase capacity. The sleek design ...

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Bravilor Bonomat Esprecious Bean To Cup

The ESPRECIOUS - The Bonomat Esprecious uses fresh coffee beans to deliver barista quality drinks while the stylish look means it fits into any location. The Bonomat Esprecious Automatic Coffee Machine prepares exceptional espresso and other hot drinks just like professional baristas using ...

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Westomatic Primo Bean To Cup

With interchangeable LED mood lighting, the Primo will fit into any location to deliver a quality range of drinks. Using the latest brewing technology, the Primo can deliver 12 tasty choices of freshly ground coffees and indulgent hot chocolate to any boardroom, office, bar or showroom. The ...

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Westomatic Signature Bean To Cup

The Signature is big on style and delivers great tasting drinks however small the location. The Signature table top machine is perfect for any modern office or business short of space which wants to offer coffee shop quality drinks. This bean-to-cup table top machine can deliver a punchy ...

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Coffetek Vitro Bean To Cup

Coffeteks mission is to deliver the best hot drinks & through their constant pursuit of innovation and improvement this has led to the release of new exciting technology which enables you to select your drink without touching the machine. All you need to do is hover your finger up to 2 cm from ...

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Coffetek Vitale Bean To Cup

The Coffetek Vitale Bean To Cup is a fully automatic vending machine designed with the small office in mind. Even small offices need great tasting coffee and the Vitale offers quality, versatility and reliability in this compact and fully automatic machine. Guaranteed to make great tasting ...

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Coffetek Zen Bean To Cup & Fresh Brew Tea

The Coffetek Zen Bean to cup & Fresh Brew Tea is a compact coffee machine that delivers a full range of drinks. With an icon driven interface and simple touch selection system the Zen is easy and intuitive to use. With the added feature of customising and branding the front panel, the Zen is ...

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Crem Coffee Queen MF13

Crem Coffee Queen MF 13 - A great machine for any location, the MF13 offers a wide range of freshly brewed drinks. Part of the impressive CQube range, the MF13 produces a range of declious freshly brewed drinks. Available in both a touch screen and push button option, the MF13 is easy to use ...

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Crem Coffee Queen SF12

The Coffee Queen SF12 -  is beautifully designed, and uses new technology, it  is energy efficient in  operation and most importantly it meets the demands of coffee lovers. The CQ SF12 produces nothing less than a perfect coffee. A Combination of coffee beans, water temperature and technique ...

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Crem Brilliance Bean To Cup

The Brilliance Bean To Cup is a fully automatic espresso machine that offers a great selection of hot drinks. It has got a built in grinder, large bean hopper for espresso beans and and a canister for topping and chocolate. It is very easy to to operate and clean. Available free vend or paid with ...

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Rheavendors Cino Grande Bean To Cup

The Cino  Grande bean to cup is a great coffee machine for coffee shops, pubs, restaurants or any other business. It offers great tasting Cappuccino, Espresso, Latte etc at a press of a button or drop of a coin. This table top machine is simple, mobile and flexible, just install, fill and enjoy. ...

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Rheavendors Cino Profi Bean To Cup

The Cino Profi is a compact bean to cup coffee machine, the same in its description as the Cino Pronto but offers a larger grinder and increased cup size. It is available in free vend and coin operated models hence it is suitable for any business. The Cino Profi is is simple to operate making it ...

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Rheavendors Cino XXPB Bean To Cup

*Special Offer* Enjoy a bean to cup coffee machine from as little as £1.42 a day. We will also provide you with enough coffee beans to make 2000 drinks. (based on a 48 month lease rental) CINO XXPB -  offers its users a perfect drink. Any business that requires a coffee machine but is limited ...

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Rheavendors Cino Pronto Bean To Cup

The Cino Pronto is a compact top bean to cup coffee machine. It is available in free vend and coin operated models hence it is suitable for any business. The Cino Pronto is is simple to operate making it ideal for both counter service or self service environments. The height of the dispensing area ...

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De Jong Duke Virtu Bean To Cup

VIRTU - with a stainless steel front and touch screen interface the virtu B2C is a pleasure to use and offers stress free maintenance. With three instant canisters there is the option to have a decaff coffee alongside the bean option. The optional extras include base cabinet and payment ...

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De Jong Duke Nio Bean To Cup

The De Jong Duke Nio Bean to Cup is designed to make high quality drinks from an easy to use, professional looking machine. Designed with the user in mind, the Nio not only delivers a range of top quality hot drinks but is also incredibly easy to operate. With a “closed door” cleaning ...

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What our clients say

Spengler Coffee Machine
‘Our employees love the different options our Coffee Machine gives them and we love the fact that the machines are simple and easy to use. We would recommend both our machine and Caffeica as a company to anyone’

We recently had a new Spengler coffee machine and are very pleased that we changed from our old machine. This is versatile, easy to use with its touch screen controls and pictograms. We can customise the strength of the coffee and milk content. The canisters are larger, reducing the need to refill the machine as often. Caffeica have provided an excellent service we have found them both efficient and friendly to do business with.

‘It has been a real benefit having our machine (Cino XX) from Caffeica – staff appreciate the choice of drinks. The one machine copes with our number of staff (approx. 50) but when we increase in number, we will have no hesitation in getting an additional machine.The supply of ingredients is always swift and staff are always helpful.We would be happy to recommend Caffeica’.
Liz Cook, Office Manager, RWES

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