Bean to Cup Coffee Machine with Fresh Milk

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Bean to cup coffee machines grind freshly roasted beans at the push of a button; ensuring exceptional coffee with maximum flavour is produced with minimal effort. The use of a fresh milk system accentuates the taste of the coffee whilst remaining user-friendly. The beverage is given a  genuine coffee shop taste without the need of a barista, and is automatically heated and frothed within the machine. The milk is stored in a separate fridge alongside the machine.

WMF 9000S+

The WMF 9000 S+ is a quick fully automated coffee machine with a recommended output of up to 350 cups per hour. It can make a wide variety of coffee specialities with consistent quality in minutes. The advanced operating concept and 10 inch display, ensures the WMF 9000 S+ can be used in ...

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WMF 5000S

The WMF 5000 S bean to cup coffee machine with fresh milk provides the fullest range of indulgence and finest quality at maximum speed. With its compact design & versatile functions that enable you to select small-medium-large cup for every beverage. The modern technology guarantees a long ...

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WMF 1100S

The WMF 1100S entry model machine might be compact but is extremely reliable and produces a consistently high-quality drink. The standard model offers: 1 grinder Basic Milk Touch screen Integrated cup tray Click & Clean cleaning Steam Jet (cup warmer) White ...

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Jura JX8

The Jura JX8 is recommended for up to 80 drinks per day. The Jura JX8 is amazingly adaptable: it can prepare a variety of speciality coffees finished with milk and milk foam as well as black coffees and even a pot of coffee. For tea fans, it also prepares hot water at different temperature ...

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Jura WE 8 Bean to Cup with Fresh Milk

The Jura WE8  is a great entry level commercial bean to cup coffee machine offering a choice of 12 programmable speciality coffees. With the added option of the Jura connect app Joe, that enables the user to save individual coffee preferences to your mobile. The app is compatible with Android and ...

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Jura WE 6

Black coffee straight from the bean. The We6 is suitable for offices, meeting rooms or receptions where the coffee requirement is approximately 30 drinks a day. The new WE6 prepares a selection of black coffees from Ristretto to Espresso. Easy to move with a built in water tank of 3 litres and a ...

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WMF Espresso

The WMF Espresso controls the brewing time, displays when the grinder need adjusting, grinds with 100% consistency. Ensuring the perfect Espresso every time. The standard model offers 2 integrated grinders 2 bean hoppers 2 brewing groups Auto steam arm with 3 milk settings Basic ...

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Jura Giga X3

The Giga X3 is an incredibly versatile machine with a recommended maximum daily output 120 drinks. Includes 3 years on-site warranty - parts & labour. The perfect choice for a large staffroom or office kitchen, the Giga X3 has up to 31 programmable specialty drinks to choose from and ...

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La Rhea Grande V2 FM

La Rhea Grande V2 table top machine is equipped with an intuitive touch panel indicating type of drink. It offers up to 12 selections with 2 to 4 pre-selections. This coffee machine is available in brown & black. La Rhea Grande V2 offers 2 varieties of coffee; you can add the classic bean ...

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Rheavendors Variplus Cino FM

The Cino Variplus can be adapted and personalised to suit any business. Cino Variplus machine is a new professional machine, smart and eye-catching with high attention to detail and up to 90% energy saving. It is slim and includes 3 canisters for products plus water for tea. The Cino Variplus ...

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De Jong Duke Nio Fresh Milk

The Nio is designed to make a high quality drinks from an easy to use, professional looking machine. Designed with the user in mind, the Nio not only delivers a range of top quality hot drinks but is also incredibly easy to operate. With a “closed door” cleaning operation, keeping the Nio in ...

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WMF 1500S Bean To Cup With Fresh Milk

The WMF 1500S Bean To Cup With Fresh Milk is an innovative machine that has the customer in mind, with the EASY MILK system, drinks can be customised with hot or cold milk and foam at the touch of a button. With its small footprint, the 1500 truly delivers a high quality drink with its ...

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Fracino Cybercino Bean To Cup With Fresh Milk

The CYBERCINO Bean To Cup with Fresh Milk  - easy to use with a selection of programmable settings for the impeccable espresso every time. It accurately measures the milk and has the ability to produce two cups simultaneously.

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Jura Giga X8 Bean to Cup With Fresh Milk

The Jura GIGA X8 bean to cup is a high performance bean to cup machine which features a unique high speed function. Recommended daily out-put up to 200 drinks a day. The GIGA X8 is able to deliver a perfect cup of coffee in record time due to its revolutionary high speed function which means it ...

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