Coffee recipes from around the world

Spain – Cafe del Tiempo ‘Summer Weather Coffee’. Perfect for hot summers.


30 ml Espresso

Slice of Lemon

Ice Cubes




Other coffees regularly drunk in Spain include Cafe Miel, a shot of espresso mixed with steamed milk, cinnamon and honey & Cafe Bonbon an espresso mixed with condensed milk traditionally the condensed milk would be added slowly causing it to sink to the bottom displaying a layered effect in a glass.


Algeria – Mazagran – Coffee with a Zing!

1 tsp brown sugar

90 ml coffee

45 ml lemon juice

Top with ice cubes



Italian – Affogato  Coffee & Ice Cream


1 scoop of vanilla ice cream

Pour a 30 ml espresso on top





The Italians prefer the milky coffees such as Cappuccino & Latte as a breakfast drink and are more likely to drink an espresso or black coffee after a meal.



Australian – Flat White 

 Similar to a Cappuccino without froth!

60 ml Espresso

120 ml steamed milk




Turkish Coffee


2 oz hot water

2 tsp fine ground strong coffee

2 tsp sugar



Turkish coffee is made in a small metal jug and heated over a stove, the grinds are very fine this causes them to sink to the bottom when poured into the cup. The coffee is served with a glass of water which cleanses your palette before drinking the coffee. When you drink the coffee don’t drink the grinds at the bottom. You can always tip the cup upside down and use the grinds to tell your fortune!


French Coffee – Une Noisette


30 ml espresso

Small jug of hot milk




Une Noisette named due to its colour, similar to a hazlenut.

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